Story by Jason Zachary Pott
Art by Adam Cline
Published by NEƖtrash Comix
215-page graphic novel Franz and Dashiell, two failed artists, thought they could change their lives for the better, overnight, with a simple plan only to bring their world crashing down around them with hilarious results. The two friends learn there's nothing to profit but pain from the get-rich-quick idea. And at what cost to them?

A. Cline's Beast Fables is a collection of 8 cautionary fables for both the fresh and the decrepit. It is a 33-page storybook inspired by the art and literature of Edward Gorey, the fables of Aesop, and the character designs of John R. Dilworth.

The first day of Winter brings a frigid breeze of death to several ill-prepared creatures within a peculiar wooded forest...