Adam Cline
Illustrator & Author

Adam Cline was born to create.

Adam Cline is an artist from Wilmington, Delaware. He studied illustration, graphic design, photography, and web design / development at Delaware College of Art and Design and has worked as a freelancer since 2002. His work ranges from illustrations to comics to sketch cards.

His client list includes companies such as Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, Breygent, 5FINITY, and Neö Trash Comix.

Adam is currently operating from his studio in Denver, Colorado.

A. Cline's Beast Fables
The first day of Winter brings a frigid breeze of death to several ill-prepared creatures within a peculiar, yet common, wooded forest.
The Adventures of Amish Alice
Alice, a young Amish girl, would always let her curiosity and imagination get the best of her. Little did she know that these two traits would lead her into a strange, harsh world that would force her to question who she really is.